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Having a birthday on Halloween makes planning your party easy: It's going to be a costume party! January 3rd babies are a tough crowd, but at least there isn't a lot of them.

Kpop Idols Birthday List + Zodiac sign : Which Kpop idol’s birthday do you share?

This could be because their birthday coincides with the censorship and seizure of John Lennon and Yoko Ono's album "Two Virgins" for nudity, but it could also be because they're still mad that Mussolini took over Italy on their birthday. Whatever the reason, it is recommended to give January 3rd-lings many gifts, and a huge cake to help them get past these difficult memories.

An occasional host to Thanksgiving festivities in the US, November 26th is also known as the day that one of the greatest archeological discoveries of all time occurred: the opening of King Tut's tomb. Rather than dwell on the untimely deaths of those that entered, let us take a page from the book of its discoverer, Howard Carter, in wishing those of the 26th a magical day in which "wonderful things" may happen.

Apart from hosting the Eating Olympics, otherwise known as Thanksgiving, those born on November 27th can also say that they share a birthday with the first Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. November 27th-ers can also be proud to share a birthday with the creation of the Nobel Peace Prize and the first time baseball was referred to as "The National Game. Yup, the string of unpopular Thanksgiving-adjacent birthdays just continues.

I guess people just aren't in a romantic mood towards the end of February, which would explain this lack of late-November babies. I'm sure we could fix this issue but moving Valentine's Day back a couple of weeks. At least you get to share your special day with Trey Songz! What's great about being born on the same day that the Donner Party resorted to cannibalism? While everyone else is stuck with those boring gifts they got yesterday, you've got even more coming! Just don't let anyone try to do those two-for-one Christmas and birthday combination gifts!

Even if you don't like the movie, being born on the 4th of July gives you the sacred right to light firecrackers until the sun comes up, and then a little longer if the cops don't come.

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The proud few of the 4th also share a birthday with the daughter of our president elect, Malia Obama, and, as a bonus, can play the Independence Day card when they turn People born on January 2nd are allowed an exclusive extension to their holiday season which may or may not be endorsed by their employer. January 2nd-ers are also among the few who can claim their birthday sucks and mean it as a good thing, because January 2nd is also the official birthday of the drinking straw.

Christmas Eve babies enjoy getting to go home early on their birthdays, and typically get the next day off as well. They were also born decades apart, Shawn in and J-Lo in Extrovert, sexy and talented - the usual traits of persons born in July It indeed is accurate for these women in what they have become.

Shawn became a famous Baywatch star and J-Lo made it mainstream in the US and is currently a well-known celebrity singer and actress. Celebrants of August 15 birthdays are born to do extremely well in what they do.

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Both are indeed early achievers in life receiving esteemed accolades at a young age. These women brought smiles to both children and the young at heart. And like Lorraine, Adrianna seem to defy age too.

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She is now 33 but still walks the VS runways. Bold and beautiful are the ones born in the 14th of December and it is the birthday of Yvonne Ryding, Miss Universe and the third Swedish and blond beauty to win the coveted title. Yvonne parties on the same day with High School Musical lead star, Vanessa Hudgens who was a Disney teenage drama queen and a recording artist. Calm and outwardly pleasing are the Scorpions born on the 28th of October. No wonder, Dayanara Torres was calm and composed during Miss Universe which led to her victory while Academy Award-winning actress Julia Roberts is still considered a Hollywood beauty icon to this day.

December 13 celebrants have innate charm and are also courageous.

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  • It pretty much says about Irene Saez, Miss Universe who won the second Miss Universe crown for her country and eventually holding office as Governor of her state - the first Miss Universe winner to do so. Irene shares birthdays with Grammy Award winner singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift. Swift, who has accomplished a lot at a young age like Irene, is the youngest Album of the Year winner of the Grammys with twelve Billboard Music Awards under her belt. The Silence of the Lambs star and Academy Award Best Actress, Jodie Foster has the same birthday as Sushmita Sen, Miss Universe , whose victory silenced many spectators in awe as she breezed unexpectedly through the finals of Miss Universe that year.

    March 26 - personality & famous birthdays

    Both Jodie and Sush celebrate birthdays every 19th of November. On the other hand, Foster acknowledged coming out during one of her acceptance speech while the beauty queen was almost thought to be one of the boys because of her tough character.

    The Most Historically Significant Person Born in the Year of the Rat is William Shakespeare.

    Brook Lee won Miss Universe in the year when renowned Venezuelan-American fashion designer, Carolina Herrera, seated as one of the final telecast judges during Miss Universe Interestingly, both women share the same birthday, January 8. People born on this date are artisans and are very passionate in what they do which is what these women are in their chosen endeavor.

    Wendy Fitzwilliam, Miss Universe , celebrates her special day along with 90s teen idol and beauty icon, Alicia Silvertone, who has always been famous for her teen flick movies. Their birthday is every fourth of October. They are all born November 11th. Capricorns born in January 16 are known to be clever and decisive. The beauty queen shared this birthday with The Queen Of The Damned, Aaliyah, but damned she really isn't as she is now an angel.

    Aaliyah died in a plane crash in The Bahamas back in after filming her music video.

    Famous People Born On February 26th

    Jennifer Hawkins, Miss Universe , was born in December 22 along with the eminent American news anchor, Diane Sawyer, who was a former beauty queen herself after winning a pageant named American Junior Miss in the 60s in her attempts to win its scholarship prize. Like Jen who traveled the world as Miss Universe, Sawyer also traveled around the country promoting the Coca-Cola Pavilion as a beauty titleholder. What better way to celebrate birthdays than on national holidays! Alyssa also dates Hollywood actor, Jake Gyllenhaal. Cancerians born on July 4 are such go-getters but prefers to hide emotions from themselves.

    Nevertheless, it was never a deterrent to these remarkable women in achieving fame. Sagittarians born on this date are effortlessly beautiful and, are almost frequently the center of attention like what these two goddesses of beauty are with such arresting good looks.

    July 26 Zodiac Sign

    Remember, numbers may add up to our age on every birthday we celebrate but to top it off, it really is the wisdom that comes with age and life's many important lessons that we learn as we get older. The Oddities of Retro Pageants. Go figure hehehe. He berates women including his own girls. I've always been fascinated with personalities and their association with zodiac signs because to some degree, the descriptions are pretty accurate.. Thanks for this informative thread Qarlo..

    It is nice to know that most beauty queens share the same birth dates with some famous female celebrities, who are also at par with their achievements and allure. I don't fret if another year is added to my age, for I believe that life is meant to be enjoyed,instead of counting our age by the number of years we've spent in this world, it would be much better if we count our age according to the number of happy memories that we've shared with those people we love.

    You know it already. We are not showbizfriends. We are friends for life. Well, some religious group would say, we shouldn't celebrate birthdays because based from the Bible, Jesus never celebrated his. To Koreans, upon birth, they are 1 year old already counting the time when an egg and sperm unite. So when you meet a Korean and when you ask their age, you should minus it with 1. Regardless of the fact that people may say it is a pagan belief to celebrate birthdays, still for us, it is something that is near in our hearts.

    As Ive said before, birthdays are our own personal new year. Well-crafted thread. Thank you so much for being a good friend and for being a wonderful pageant expert. We love you. Another interesting and well-written article! Happy Birthday Idol! UNO - God of Beauty wrote: Well, some religious group would say, we shouldn't celebrate birthdays because based from the Bible, Jesus never celebrated his. I learned a lot.