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So by adding the declinations to our analysis, we can see how truly extraordinarily compatible Newman and Woodward really are.

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We think this is really important and the main reason their love has lasted over forty years. When we include declinations, we also have a much better understanding of what happened with Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra. Their CAC Combined Alignment Chart with the declinations is below, you can see that they have one very interesting linkage that we highlighted in purple.

The linkage that they have in the declinations is a Chiron Linkage because Chiron is one of the planets that forms the linkage.

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In fact, they also have the same Chiron Linkage in the horizontal coordinates the longitudes and we highlighted that one with green lines. As we have been saying, a Chiron Linkage is the most powerful linkage in any relationship. When two people who are attracted to each other form a Chiron Linkage, they are likely to think they are in love. Whether or not they actually fall in love, and whether the love is lasting, depends on if they have stronger linkages than activations. They are read like quincunxes. True astrology is that which can be taught to other people who can then replicate the teachers' conclusions through their own effort.

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Robineli Full Member Posts: Alice and Kannon, Would you consider progressed declinations that form an exact parallel to function in the same way as a Solar Arc, as in an event occurring? Or would it translate to a state of mind at a climax?

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What is your take on Saturn and Pluto progressing into exact declination, specifically? Flipper Jr. Member Posts: Quote from: Robineli on January 18, , PM. Alice, Thank you for your reply. I'll keep a lookout for the transiting declinations - so far, Jupiter will reach the same declination within days of the exact progression, which is a year from now. Saturn and Pluto can come across in intense fashion. Prior to posting my query, I checked through multiple charts and noticed a correlation between the progressed declination parallels and general energy levels in the natives.

One experiencing Mars and Jupiter progressing into a parallel is working vigorously at his job - hours of sleep per night.

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Another recently experienced great success and publicity as a freelancer and blogs and tweets continuously about business matters - he currently has a progressed parallel of Sun, Saturn, and Node. Keira, That's very interesting to note the connections between mundane events and the declinations.

The orbs suggested by Charles Jayne are as follows: Declination Degree. Sec 1.

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Halina Hero Member Posts: Hi Keira, I tried to buy it everywhere, out-of-print. You can read a full page review of the book there. The owner of the store rates the book "Hands down the best book available on declinations. Even this book is hard to find, finally found it at Astrology Center of America.

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Declinations are the measurement of planets from the equator and zodiac longitude is the measurement of planets along the ecliptic - two very, very different things and I couldn't understand how she could make one fit the other, or even why she wanted to. What she did was take the declination of the planet and then put it in the zodiac longitude of the position of the Sun if it was in the same declination.

KT would then check the zodiac longitude of the Sun at 6S58 declination and see that it was 17Libra She would then make this degree of zodiac longitude the longitude equivalent of Mars. She would then work out longitude aspects to Venus from this position that are just imaginary.

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To me this makes absolutely no sense at all! It just isn't real and I still can't understand why she wanted to do it, or why anyone would want to waste their time working with a system that isn't based on any form of reality. Hi Keira, Your Marie Trintignant example needs some explaining. I am using Solar Fire Chart we see tr Uranus square her Sun-Venus conjunction Furthermore I created a transit chart for the murder date and got Tr Uranus 1Pisces Would you mind showing how you got what you got? Chart, you have to do it by HAND. You say pull up her L. No, it's in the 10th House. Please end the confusion.